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Do You Know Why Cars In India Don't Have Rear View Mirrors?

EthelVictoriaSep 25, '19

Recently, I saw a picture of cars from India.  I found that there is no rear view mirror. I was wondering why they don't have rear view mirrors as they were so important to driving. Each country has its own characteristics, their national conditions can be different, so the development of the car is also very different. Then I will discuss why there are no rear view mirrors on the cars in India.

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India is a developing country with large population and large territory. With the continuous development of the automobile industry in recent years, cars can be seen everywhere. However, because of the large population, the roads that always seems uncapacious become narrower and narrower. As a result, with so many cars stuck in traffic, Indians eliminate rear view mirrors to make cars narrower and avoid colliding with other cars.

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I believe that not only I myself have seen such pictures, many of you have seen the pictures of cars without rear view mirrors for a long time. However, according to the current development of the international automobile industry, the rear view mirror would not be canceled temporarily. No matter what kind of car, it needs a rear view mirror to ensure a wide field of view and to observe other vehicles at any time, which can effectively avoid dangerous accidents. Before making a decision, we should first examine the national conditions, so as to better achieve the safety effect. The reason why India cancel the rear-view mirror is because of their national conditions: large population and traffic jams. As a result, they cancel the rear-view mirror for the sake of safety and convenience of travel.

Have you ever faced with such awkward situations: when going through narrow space, complaining about the rear mirrors? Of course, we all do. Here comes the question. How to solve the rear mirror  problems in traffic dilemma?

The answer is---Unlimited UTV mirrors.

Unlimited off-road driving

Off-road mirror do rotate up/down a significant amount with locking position, just undo Allen head bolt, adjust to the desired position and lock down in that slot.

Huge and convex enough, They tilt down too so you can monitor your rear tires as you crawl over rocks.

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4" x 10" UTV Off-road Broader Rear View Side Mirrors

Any view you can see, You can see it wider and clearer.

Strong and durable
Made of high impact PP shell, glass lens and durable ABS clamps, the whole set of mirrors is wear and corrosion resistant, great for all weather conditions.
No vibration on rough terrain, they will hold up tough on the trails or off-road.

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