Both ATV and UTV are all ATVs. However, there is still a big difference between the two.

First, look at ATV.


ATV's full name is All Terrain Vehicle, the all-terrain four-wheeled off-road locomotive, commonly known as "ATV." The appearance is generally uncovered, with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, the vehicle is simple and practical, and the off-road performance is good.

The biggest difference from UVT is that the structure is a full-open, motorcycle-powered engine and motorcycle steering handle, and many parts are common to motorcycles, so some people call it a "four-wheeled motorcycle."

Also, the ATV body has no roll cage and is less secure.

Look at UTV.


UTV's full name is Utility Vehicle, commonly known as "farm car", and many domestic players call it all-terrain vehicles. It can be applied to mines, fields, beach cross-country, mountain cargo, farm operations, and many other scenarios.

It is a model derived from ATV, which is more like a car than ATV. Because it is controlled by the steering wheel, throttle, pedals, there is also a four-wheel drive and two-drive, so it is more off-road.

In addition, UTV is also equipped with protective measures such as roll cages and seat belts. It can be said to be an upgraded version of ATV.

Finally, summarize the difference between the two:


The UTV is mainly operated by the steering wheel and is equipped with protective measures such as a roll cage and a seat belt.

ATV uses handle control, no professional roll cage, and a safety system like UTV.