Motorcycle Handlebar Risers

Motorcycle Handlebar Risers
Having your handlebars positioned correctly can make your ride more comfortable and it can also complete the look of your bike. But stock handlebars are not positioned in the best place for every single rider. One way to fix this issue is to add motorcycle handlebar risers to your setup. With the wide variety of styles and sizes available for risers, you can truly customize the position of your bars to make them the most comfortable for you. Aftermarket risers are also machined and finished to look great and will add a custom style to your motorcycle.

No matter what bar styles or mounting options are equipped on your bike, there are motorcycle handlebar risers available that can customize the position of the bars. Many risers have a built in angle, or pull back, to help position the bars in a more comfortable position. The greater the pullback on the risers, the further back the handlebars will be positioned. Pivoting, or adjustable, handlebar risers allow you to fine tune and change the position without needing to remove or replace any components. Adding risers is a great way to get the desired bar position without having to replace your handlebars with a different style.

At Kemimoto, you will find the best selection of motorcycle handlebars risers.
Black 7/8" Handlebar Risers 30mm Height for Kawasaki Honda Suzuki ATV Yamaha
Handlebar Risers 7/8" 30mm Modification tool The link between handlebar and motorcycle, kemimoto risers stand out for their simple and...
Handlebar Riser Clamp for Harley Sportster
Handlebar Riser Clamp The link between handlebar and motorcycle, kemimoto risers stand out for their simple and elegant styling, ideal...
7/8" Handlebar Riser Bars Kit 30mm for ATV Motorcycle
Handlebar Riser Bars The handlebar risers increase handlebar height by about 30mm (1.2"). Provides a more comfortable riding position.Made from...

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