Lassen Sie sich nicht von Technologie abdecken, um die grundlegenden Fahrten abzudecken, ist der Schlüssel

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There are no easy achievements in the world, any achievements are by practical study and effort to pay to get from easy to difficult, step by step by their own touch and summed up the experience of the head of the way, high-tech is helpful to the ride , But not the fundamental means. Time flies, twenty or thirty years ago imitation car without any electronic auxiliary system, knights to be able to master and fully play the performance of a car, rely on their own solid technology, and now many young knights gradually Has neglected the importance of riding basic skills and over-reliance on technology, but the most reliable or their own driving skills.

riding motorcycle

Now the motorcycle with the past no car than before the old motorcycle did not have much to adjust the place, there is no electronic auxiliary system, there is no sliding clutch, to completely control a car, to adjust is Knight yourself, can do this thing the necessary condition is that they have enough basic skills with solid, so that they have the ability to adapt to a car, rather than adjust the West to adjust a car to suit you, the most simple Riding theory, today's active passive auxiliary system is not without the meaning of existence, but for a really experienced knight, these technologies will be used to the opportunity should be less the better is , Solid basic skills is the most important.

Riding the basic skills of the locomotive:

Throttle control, body posture, engine speed and correct gear selection, brake force and time point selection, corner selection route, reference point selection, line of sight to maintain and direction, etc. Basically mentioned above these individual skills if Master well, that is, a knight with basic skills.

Practice riding technology

Practice riding technology in the closed racing field is the most appropriate and safe, too many variables on the road, very dangerous, on the bus racing car first there is a need to break the myth, is riding skills to practice between skilled and speed Related, when is the ride technology do not want to want to do next to the next?

Presumably absolutely skilled to a certain level after the brain to become a natural reaction, so the quality and quantity of practice must be quite high. When the brain and the body from thinking into a direct response, the speed will naturally appear, so the skills of training is not forced to use their own speed is not suitable for the body to accept the brain, so very dangerous and easy to go wrong, to naturally let the physical and mental learning And memory, which is a cumulative riding technology and skills is very important to the key, have the opportunity to work with a group of friends off the car, be sure to practice their own day to determine the subject, regardless of speed or slow, (Such as to see their friends from the side of the fast brush on the moment to forget their own reason to practice the car immediately threw himself on the throttle up).

Practice principles

In practice only 70% of their technology and speed can be, we are not professional drivers, need more time to accumulate, the reaction is not so good, to choose their own people on the most secure attitude and speed, 75 % Is a very good figure if you are puzzled at this speed before entering the corner, it is likely to be more than 75%, remember this principle, with enough time to practice safely and cultivate basic riding skills, patience A few years, unknowingly you will be reborn into a basic hard work of the knight, then you will find these skills is the most important equipment, no matter what the powerful electronic system can not match.

Skillfully driving a motorcycle

Maybe you will say that in today's society, anyone can learn to drive a motorcycle. Because it does not require very high technology, but also do not need much physical strength. Motorcycles give us the speed of the speed, so that you really feel the moment you can reach a very far place this unspeakable happiness. However, this joy comes from skilled driving skills, rather than dependence on high-performance vehicles. If you are a ridicule only twist switch, not only no fun at all, and only dangerous with you, only you can carefully tune, master the correct driving method, the performance of motorcycles will be multiplied to play out , When driving, you have to use their own body to feel before and after the wheel contact with the state of the road, as well as the suspension of the action, serious and accurate operation, correct and relaxed posture, this is the greatest pleasure.

Away from the accident

Riding a motorcycle accident is inevitable, should pay attention to prevent the accident rollover injured, not only their own pain, but also harm the people around you, driving fast, but happy, but it is the source of the accident, is there anything more than the tumbling injury, and then Can not be accompanied by your beloved motorcycle more painful!
Riding a motorcycle is a hobby, is a pleasure, but you have to remember: the motorcycle is not fun, is a dangerous means of transport! Although some people talk about the opening of the pleasure of driving, and even proud of the injury to the car. But since you are a motorcycle rider, never in front of everyone overturned ugly ah!

Never give trouble to someone else

Riding a motorcycle should understand the rules of their own words and deeds, when you are people condemned, no matter where the car, you will feel an invisible pressure, a completely by their own pressure, the only The solution is to change your image and attitude, often put themselves in for the sake of others, such as in the way you travel, in order to arrive at the destination, and the fate of driving. People are reminded: "This is driving, dangerous!" This is not just you alone, but also on other motorcycle riders have a negative impact, if everyone is driving, will inevitably lead to resentment of the whole society. At that time, you only honestly stay in their own homes, do not look at other people, the first is to manage your own, whether you are willing, since you are a member of society, even for your personal freedom, must also consciously To comply with social ethics.

The right to drive a motorcycle

People have their own different vision and fun, but the only thing that can not be used to show the fun of the dictionary, that is to open the motorcycle, but it is without a trace, and only through your own unremitting exploration and creation, can the real get it. Riding a motorcycle has the fun of riding a motorcycle, in this world of things, how many difficult to say the fun ah! In spite of this, as long as a motorcycle in the hand, it will be fun, no other, in addition, you also need to consciously abide by social morality, care about yourself, care for others, do not roll injury, science, right to drive you Beloved motorcycle, this fun will never diminish, and will be more intense, profound.