Wenn Sie sich in ein Motorrad verlieben, wird sich Ihre Welt verändern

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There are many kinds of motorcycles are played, and this is very similar to the car, conditional, then try the track, whether it is to improve driving skills or Shuai Shuai is a good choice, but I do not think the car must be on the track , The street is also a culture, as long as safe driving like, no country in the world that the car must be on the track right? Pull a little far, or talk about the benefits of it, play the car must have a strong physique, forcing yourself to exercise every day, this is not considered good for health?

Chasing the speed is the inherent desire of the human heart, when people no longer satisfied with the run can reach the limit, the transport will appear. Bicycles make people in the fast forward with the full contact with nature, but not much faster; cars can make people move quickly, but have to be confined to a small space within, only the motorcycle, people can In the enjoyment of the speed of pleasure, but also full access to nature.

Perhaps most of the people who ride can not romance to write their own feelings, because people always like to call the motorcycle "meat iron", which means riding a motorcycle is also riding a death edge. But there are still countless people do not regret riding these iron horse. A lot of people who do not ride a motorcycle on the motorcycle impression is cool, that it is bad social youth in order to wake sister will ride the boring tool, if one day you ride a motorcycle, your feeling is definitely "too Great ", driving what is compared with this is simply too Niang gun.

This is the fascination of the motorcycle, when you cross the big guy, left hand clutch and loose, the foot of the stalls one by one change, right hand turn throttle, roar you have already left the starting position , You will feel the whistling wind, you will see the roadside crowd away from you, heartbeat faster and faster, the right hand is always reluctant to release the throttle, you want to yell, laugh, because At this point, the world is a wide road, you need to do is to keep looking forward not to go back.

In addition to meeting the desire to chase the speed, the motorcycle also taught people how to think about the problem. As mentioned earlier, the difference between a motorcycle and a car is that it allows people to chase the speed while fully embracing with nature, people are emotional animals, when you ride a motorcycle, walking on endless roads, To the natural touch, everyone can not help but to think about the problem.

If you choose and lovers ride, you will find each other closer, and you can have a love of motorcycles boyfriend or girlfriend, then congratulations, and first of all they will have a healthy body, positive and optimistic heart, As well as the men of some of the mechanical knowledge, make him look more masculine.

Let the motorcycle into your life, if the sensibility and reason can be combined, a person can correctly face the world, to find the peace of mind