In der Tat wollen Sie dieses Auto spielen, ist das echte "Wasserrad"!

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Summer is the season of playing water, but at the same time want to ride how to do? Fortunately, the Australian Robbie Maddison in the year before has given us a demonstration of how best of both worlds, and this time the Italians to point a new trick.

Although not to surf the sea, but the man rode directly across the lake, the whole trip at one go, is also quite incredible, and the success of the world record!

Breath across the lake to reach the other side, set a world record

When the Italian Luka Colombo intends to ride across the Lake Como (Lake Como), he thought is not a water motorcycle, but the general road on the two-wheelers.

Lake Como is located in the north of Italy, near the Swiss border, although the inland lake, but the area, but there are 146 square kilometers, the deepest more than 400 meters, due to the natural beauty of the surrounding area, is the European resort.

Luke Colombo has chosen to cross the northern end of the lake with a total width of 5.5 km and use a specially adapted SUZUKI RM-Z450 sport utility vehicle.

In order to have the propulsion force on the water, the rear tires switch to special tires walking on the sand, the same as used by Robbie Maddison. The front wheel on both sides of the water board to facilitate floating on the water and control the direction of the car after the conversion of up to 230 kg.

Challenger starting from the beach, the average speed of 40 knots (about 75 kph), riding 5 minutes after the safe arrival of the other side, this also became the motorcycle in the water walking distance of the latest world record, talked about this, Taiwan will Does anyone want to challenge the back of the sea in Beijing?