Motorrad Nacht Führer

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Usually knights are very difficult to ride at night, the headlamps will be shaking with the direction of the direction, blurred vision and by the light beam restrictions, suddenly sprang out of the pedestrian, and so simply can not react. So the night driving in particular need to pay attention to safety.

Three Causes of Motorcycle Traffic Accidents at Night

1 drink: we all know that we drink after drinking the ability to respond to the outside world and control capacity will decline, it is prone to accidents.
2 speeding: riding speeding, night line of sight is poor, encountered unexpected events when the panic is too late to respond.
3 effect: the night of the complex road lighting, a variety of vehicle lights caused by a temporary misjudgment.

Ready before departure.

Before the night trip, to maintain plenty of energy, try to choose bright or reflective logo riding suit. At the same time to carefully check the motorcycle, especially the light part must be complete and effective.

The proper use of light

Motorcycle lighting has its role in both lighting and signal, lighting headlamps are mainly used to illuminate the road in front of the road, but also both the role of lights. If the vehicle is not a long headlamps at the start we should first open it.

There are lights on the road we can use the near light. In the absence of other lighting equipment on the road using high beam, but in front of the motor vehicle with the car, be sure to turn the high beam light to low beam, and close the throttle, pay attention to observe the road situation. If the opposite to the car did not close the high beam, we can switch far, low beam prompt each other.

Night riding our observation of the road is far less clear during the day, you can use the lights to illuminate the scope of changes in the front of the road to identify the bright and dark contrast to enhance the identification of the road conditions. When the light irradiation distance from the far or near the light to leave the road, should pay attention to the road ahead may be a sharp turn; if the front of the road appears dark shadow and gradually disappear, then the road has a small pit or shallow potholes; if the shadow Do not disappear should be guarded against the road with deep pits, to decisive deceleration or docking.


Driving at night due to the limitations of the visual line of sight, especially in the road lighting poor alley on the road, the dark corners of the unexpected situation will occur at any time, riding a high concentration of attention, in some T-junction, Downhill turn and right angle bend at the same time, pay attention to observe the left and right sides of the situation, and flexible cross-use far, near lighting, and calm and calmly deal with some unexpected accident occurred.

Night driving in the urban road, although the urban road on both sides have better lighting, but because of the urban road on both sides of more shops, a variety of mobile lights constantly changing, driving easily lead to light color Fatigue and sight to determine the illusion, and sometimes will jump a variety of traffic signal lights misjudged as decorative lights.

Pay attention to the front of the motor vehicles to maintain a certain distance from the car at any time to calmly deal with the complex lighting in the light occurred under the unexpected events and accidents.

Control the speed

Motorcycles must control the speed of riding at night, even if the car less rare road, but also particularly vigilant vehicles, pedestrians will suddenly jump out, while the night construction work vehicles will be more to a variety of instructions lights.

For the night in a wide urban road on the road, do not mistakenly believe that the road lighting conditions are good, pedestrian and traffic flow is small, the throttle on the high-speed driving. So that once the sudden situation or dangerous obstacles encountered, it will lose the appropriate disposal capacity. State white one day a few days ago due to driving faster pressure may be the truck fell a large woven bag, its involvement in the rear wheel, the chain out of the pressure plate. Fortunately, then stabilize the body, not out of control. So we must control the speed of driving at night, pay more attention to focus on the visual distance within the front road conditions, ready to deal with emergencies.