Sollte eine Fahrerin vor dem Radfahren Make-up tragen?

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With the popularity of motorcycle leisure and entertainment, in many fields, it is no longer male exclusive.

Even in the arena, also appeared more and more of the valiant and heroic in bearing heroine.

Last month, the female driver from Spain Ana Carrasco, won the World Superbike Championship races (WSSP) group, which makes the fans all over the world to realize the difference between female driver and the driver of the.

All along, there is always an endless talk between beauty and locomotive. If the beautiful woman rides the locomotive to appear in the road, naturally can cause more people's attention.

So, here comes the problem!

Should cyclists wear makeup when riding?

The day before, from the United States driver Shelina Moreda become light luxury beauty cosmetics Covergirl spokesperson, and photographed the related promotional photos.

In addition to the charm of Shelina, cycling level is also first-class.

Shelina is the first non male Indianapolis Speedway racer, the first to complete the famous endurance race in Suzuka race, is also the first female driver to China Zhuhai Guojisaichechang competition.

Shelina said in the interview, before the game makeup, can make her feel the mood is happy, more importantly, make-up after can make yourself more concentrated, more confident and strong.

However, there are other women who have different opinions about it.

Australian female Racer Leigh said that makeup is a dangerous thing on the car, because in the helmet, easy to sweat, sweat and will easily break up makeup, and even hit the eye, clogged pores, at a high speed, it is a very dangerous thing.

So, do you think women drivers should wear makeup when riding?