Silber Stahl Mini BF190, lass mehr Spaß fahren!

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MiniBike has always been a synonym for young people, the growing number of "play car" young groups appear, making a variety of domestic MiniBike turned out to try to "passion, sports, leisure city Fan" and other slogans are to stimulate the "play car" family Consumption of G point! In 2012, Silver Steel insight into the market opportunities, to create industry MINI models new category, the first to introduce both the sports Fan, but also biased in a comfortable, stable and flexible silver MINI, and won the most popular MINI title, attention degree PV Up to 215.79 million!

2013, silver steel once again force, "big" big MINI birth! Strengthen the leading position of silver steel in MINI models!

From small MINI to large MINI, from the ordinary version to the Morocco version, and then to the sports version, silver MINI has pushed a variety of products. Each section are carefully taken into account the needs of riders, the use of a variety of user-friendly design, such as specifically for beginners and female users, such as the design of the start are not used to stop the clutch, as well as silver alloy patented technology double brake ( Very safe), very considerate.

And this show will be on display mini BF190, the same is the intention of silver steel products. Equipped with BF190 power platform, optimize the combustion design, power full. At the same time, the engine also has a low idle speed, low noise, low fuel consumption, low vibration, high torque and many other advantages.

As the only car in a small Prince, mini BF190 filled with the traditional prince different small and stylish. In addition to the above moving configuration, mini BF190 also has a good driving force and the number of domestic minibike comfort. Whether in a short, or a long journey, or the bustling streets, mini BF190 is definitely a good choice!
Small body, big power, mini BF190, so riding a more passionate and fun!