Wer kann nicht mit den Kämpfen Falcon vs H2 kämpfen

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Cycles crazy vaguely remember, the Japanese car factory once we have had an agreement, the sports car limit of not more than 200 horsepower. But with the changing times, the European car factory produced by the sports car regardless of appearance and the overall fineness are better than the Japanese sports car, of course, the durability of the car is not visible with the eyes, the Japanese sports car in this area a lot of losses. So Kawasaki first break the law, there H2 / H2R, and thus disrupted the layout of the Japanese depot, far ahead of nearly three years. But now its rival appeared.

Suzuki, who had not planned to make a big transformation, came the first two weeks before the departure of SUZUKI's runner-up Hayabusa will remain the original and will not be changed next year. At the moment, the whole thing has been updated: According to foreign media, The 18-year-old Evergreen car will be equipped with a turbocharger system next summer to debut in a 2019-year model.

The Falcon's GSX-1300R appeared in the era of "War of Speed". In 1997, HONDA published the CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, which was designed to challenge the KAWASAKI ZZ-R1100's fastest production car, the highest speed Up to 290km / hr, named after the American LOCKHEED SR-71 Blackbird Reconnaissance Machine

1997 HONDA CBR1100XX Super Blackbird successful challenge Kawasaki speed king ZZ-R1100, this opened the Japanese depot of the speed war, but the blackbird was also defeated by Falcon

SUZUKI published in two years after the GSX-1300R will speed in one fell swoop to 312km / hr, the performance will almost Honda blackbird than the vehicle name is quite rivalry (Falcon special hunting birds), Honda blackbird Then announced in 2005 to stop production, the fate of the two as a vehicle nickname relationship, it is interesting.

Turbocharging technology in the history of motorcycles has been short-lived, but with the vehicle electronic control technology progress, booster engine easier to control than in the past, creating a KWASAKI H2 / H2R & nbsp; conditions, but now only Kawasaki has a return This ranks, SUZUKI If you want to join the war, Hayabusa should be the most qualified entry point.

Pressurized system in the history of the motorcycle has been a flash in the pan, and now it is relying on a sophisticated electronic control system to come back

The GSX-1300R is equipped with turbocharged system message, reminiscent of a few years ago with the plant has launched the turbo concept car Recursion, but the car's engine is only parallel to the two-cylinder 588 cc, and the original inline Four-cylinder 1300 cc very different, and this outflow of the news but also did not specify the new car engine form, but if you want to crown the falcon's name, to maintain the inline four-cylinder will be better.