Heated Cusion

Beat The Cold In This Winter

This car heated seat provides instant warmth and makes these cold days more pleasant. The heat can be felt in 30 seconds and the heater will automatically heat up to a constant temperature to prevent overheating and keep you warm all the time while driving.

Height: 36-42 ° Low: 28.8-33.6 °

Which are certified and designed to fit standard car seats in most DC 12V vehicles.

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Fast Heating & Smart Temperature Control

  • 30s to make you feel the warmth.
  • 10 minutes to reach the maximum temperature.
  • High, low, or off switch.
  • Overheat protection thermostat.

Universal Fit & Fast Shipping

  • Size 108 x 48 cm
  • Fits in most DC 12V vehicles
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                   U.S warehouse             

Ensure Safety

  • Certified
  • Environmentally friendly

 Your Winter Companion 

Your back won’t freeze so easily when driving in winter


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