Bed Mat Liner For Can-am Commander MAX DPS XT XT-R 2021 2022


SKU: B0107-01601BK

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Kemimoto Commander Bed Mat Liner

Kemimoto Commander Cargo Bed Mat is made of high-quality TPE material and adopts 3D digital laser scanning technology, which makes it durable and perfectly fit with your commander. No extra cutting required.


Adopts 3D digital laser scanning technology. Kemimoto Commander Bed Mat perfectly fit the rear bed with no gap. No extra cutting required.

Made of High-quality TPE material. Thick and elastic. Strong enough to hold tools and stuff for farm working, and protect your rear bed from being scratched or dented by cargo on bumpy road. Moreover, it won’t give off unpleasant smell of rubber in hot environment.

Excellent skid resistance. TPE material has adsorption capacity. The mat can tightly attach to the rear bed and increase friction between them. Mat and cargo won’t roll down from rear bed even driving in steep or bumpy roads.

Extra surrounded lips on all sides. Lips can prevent twigs or gravel from sliding under the mat or getting into the rear seats. Detritus will stay on the surface, you can collect and remove them at any time.

Easy cleaning. Dump out the Bed Mat and spray water to clean it. Mud will be easily washed away. After washing, tilt the mat and water will flow away. Even in moist area, the mat will dry after a while and be ready to work.