Black Rocker Switch for Loud Horn Kit


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SKU: B0117-01001BK

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Compatible with Kawasaki Mule 2015-2021


  • 80D - 105D LOUD: Kemimoto 12V 105D horn kit has a clear and loud high pitch beep-beep sound, attracts attention, allows vehicle and pedestrians to hear you before they can see you and pay attention.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installation of the loud horn kit is as simple as finding a suitable place under the hood to install the mule horn, the button fits perfectly in the blank spot opposite the ignition switch.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Compatible with Kawasaki Mule 2015-2021.
  • ROCKER SWITCH:Laser etching LED seitch switch automatically lights up when your vehicle starts, press and automatically up, you can control the loud horn by pressing long and short.
  • SECURITY SAFETY: If you have the FXT, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find stock wiring behind the panel and again under the hood, the button and horn plug in perfectly & they even include a screw for the horn and give the location to mount it under the hood.