Can Am Maverick Extended Fender Flares Flaps Set



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Our Fender Flares WILL help keep the mud, dirt, and sand out of your cab!

Our Fender Flares install inside the fender wells. Mud is much easier to clean off once installed.

Our Extra Large Mudflaps offer even more coverage than our original design.

Even better protection from wheel spray off the front and rear wheels without taking away from the aggressive styling of your Maverick and Maverick Max (4 seats).

Both the front and rear mud flaps have been extended and enlarged to block even more mud and spray

Lightweight and extremely durable, engineered to endure the harshest environments from the desert heat to the arctic cold. Won't crack or warp from temperature extremes.

Aggressive Upgraded Appearance!

These mudguards are made from a high-quality blend of polymers allowing them to uphold under the toughest of conditions but also allowing them to flex, bend, scrape, and drag along trail obstacles and not break.

High Quality and Built to Last!