Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Holder - Kemimoto
Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Holder - Kemimoto
Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Holder - Kemimoto
Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Holder - Kemimoto
Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Holder - Kemimoto
Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Holder - Kemimoto
Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Holder

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Holder

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  • Anti-Vibration: Made of high quality material,sturdy and inpact resistance,with strong anti-vibration ability, Three anti-shake nuts enhance the stability of the product, improve anti-Vibration performance in bumpy road, and prevent the phone from popping out of the bracket
  • Great adjustability: With rotating ball head the golf cart phone holder can be adjusted 360 degrees,and the phone doesn't interfere with the use of scoredcards and steering wheel
  • Easy to use: The mobile phone is fixed on the steering wheel of the golf cart, which is convenient to check GPS, listen to music and use mobile app without occupying the position of the cup holder
  • High adaptability: suitable for most mobile phones and steering wheel with scoring clips. The cell phone mount can be fixed on objects 55-100mm wide, and suitable for mobile phones 50-85mm wide,it can be suitable for 7-13mm diameter pens, pencils, oil pens, markers, ballpoint pens
  • Easy to install and disassemble: The KEMIMOTO golf cart steering wheel phone Holder is easy to install and disassemble. You Just Need to Buckle the bracket slot to the scoring clip and tighten knob to use it. When you need to remove it, you just need to turn the knob
  • Guaranteed After-Sales Service: If you have any problems such as incompatible problem or product lack of parts and quality problems, we support free return and exchange, to ensure your shopping experience

  • Compatible with iPhone/Sumsang/Pixel and 50-85mm Wide Phone

Kemimoto provides the best product on the market and the best warranty in the industry. The original purchaser of each phone&tablet Holder is covered by a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

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