Honda Talon 1000R / 1000X 2019-2021 Upgraded 1.75"-2" Rear View Center Mirror(OE: 715004794)


SKU: B0106-03702BK

This rear Honda Talon view mirror is easy to adjust the angle of view. This upgraded UTV center mirror increases the length of the bracket, can provide you with a larger field of view, easily prevent blind spots and some traffic accidents, and greatly improve your safety.


Protective Effects: Glue is added behind the mirror. Even if the mirror is broken, the glass fragments will not splash everywhere, which can prevent the driver from being damaged by the mirror glass during driving.

Convex Mirror & High-Definition Image: The curvature of the high-definition UTV convex mirror real glass lens is R1200, providing you with undistorted and ultra-clear images, helping to reduce blind spots and ensuring your driving safety.

Newest Pivot Ball Glass: Non-slip ball joint, 360-degree rotation to adjust your view angle. This UTV mirror can gives good angle of rear view.

Stable & Firm: This utv rear/side view mirror is very stable. With three screws on the back to control the tightness of the ball head. Comes with anti-slip rubber pad, increase friction for installation