kemimoto 39 mm Front Rear Wheel Bearing Greaser Tool for CAN AM Maverick X3 & MAX Service Tool


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SKU: B0501-00301SL

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 Do your bearings constantly break? Due to dust, water, dirt, debris, sand, and lack of grease?              

It is a great bearing grease with a 39mm wheel you must have !

There is no need to remove the axle with this tool, just only the wheel & hub be removed.

Just only remove the wheel and brake caliper, and hub, apply grease in the wheel bearing directly and then insert it into the axle, and then inject the grease effortlessly.

It may push out most of water, dust, dirt, debris or any other garbage in bearing.

Do you look forward to it? Do you want to have it? 

A must have ! Just go and take it home quickiy ! ! !