kemimoto ATV Cup Holder Spyder Drink Holder RZR Water Bottle Holder Universal Compatible

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Crocodile Bite- Strong & Sturdy
As you can see the teeth in the clamp, just like the crocodile, it will bite steady and stable and won’t loose.You won’t have to worry that the cup or bottle on the holder will be unsafe, and you don’t have to bother to tighten the clamp during riding. No mater how hard you try, crocodile won’t loosen its mouth once it bites.

Adjustable Mounting Angle- Wide application
You can mount it vertically as well as horizontally.
A perfect cup holder to any tool that has a roll cage from 7/8 inch to 1.75 inch.
You can even mount it to the desk.

Wide Application
Easily Mounts on Passenger Grab Rails on Can-Am Spyder or Other Models.
It has many degrees of locking so you could place it virtually anywhere on your bike: handlebars, highway bars, engine guards, or other locations.

Simple yet effective, this cup holder has a large capacity to accommodate a variety of cups and bottles. The design makes it easy to click on or pop off of tube frames, while the black color seamlessly fits into any location. It blends in so well, that it looks like it was already part of your "mobility adaptive equipment."

The adjustable cup holder provides you with unlimited possibilities of mounting locations. You can even mount it to the desk.
It’s the perfect fit for strollers, walkers, bicycles, wheelchairs, bed railings, canes and even on drum sets!
Holds watter bottle not more than 20 oz.