Polaris RZR Ranger Clutch Cover Removal Tool with Reversible Socket


SKU: B1201-00101

Kemimoto Tool Kit includes a Belt Changing Tool and a Clutch Cover Removal Tool with a Reversible Socket.
It can help you easy to change a belt either in the field or at your shop. A must-have for every on-board tool kit. All you will need now is a spare belt.

☞Belt Changing Tool:
It has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip making it easy for anyone to change a belt.
This Belt Removal Tool can help you to save time and make it easier to change the Polaris RZR belt. Not fit Polaris RZR Turbo that doesn't have exposed rollers.
☞Clutch Cover Removal Tool:
Fit for 8mm clutch cover screw heads and 1/4" hose clamp.