Honda Pioneer 1000/1000-5 Full Windshield


SKU: B0110-04901CL

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Kemimoto Full Windshield for Pioneer not only keeps the amount of wind, rain, mud, dust, or debris from entering the cab but also makes you and your passenger have a comfortable driving experience and reduces your cleaning work of the interior cab.


Clear Vision of Front Patha: After adopting Kemimoto Full Windshield for Pioneer, no need to worry about the clarity will decrease because the light transmittance of PC material is better than the normal glass.

Vibration Resistance Strip: This strip connects Kemimoto Full Windshield for Pioneer and the body of Pioneer 1000, not only help the UTV windshield stays stable and not friction but also prevents vibration caused by direct impact between the windshield and the UTV body during a tough road.

Easy Installation: Durable windshield clamps can be securely fastened to the windshield pre-drills. It’s easy to install or remove the Kemimoto Full Windshield for Pioneer.

Polycarbonate Material: Made of polycarbonate material, Kemimoto Full Windshield for Pioneer 1000 is durable and can be used in all weather conditions.