Snowmobiles Cruiser/Touring Street Bike Ice Scratchers Tool Kit (One pair)


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In heavy snow areas, always the snow will melt and freeze, making it difficult for people to break and clear stubborn ice with an ordinary ice scratcher.

However, by installing our ice scratcher on your snowmobile, as the vehicle travels, it can directly break the ice in places where the snow is frozen, which is helpful for you to easily remove snow and ice. At the same time, it can even help snowmobile engines cool down and prevent overheating.

Different from most ice-scratchers on the market, our product is made up of steel and it has three focus points. These unique advantages let it copes with more harsh environments.

Three Focus Points:

can withstand greater pressure and strong anti-strike ability.

Cable-like Design:

Can be adjusted to the most suitable direction, with strong toughness.

Anti-slip Design:

Can prevent it from loosening or falling off during the running.