Motorcycle Gloves Men Riding Breathable Summer Carbon Fiber Glove


SKU: F1109-00101MBK

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It is important for new riders to realize just how much damage and inconvenience can result from inadequate hand protection.

Kemimoto a well-designed glove will allow you both protection and the ability to operate controls.

Glove Designs Achieve Protection In A Number Of Ways:

1. Palm padding - shock-resistant cotton on the palm helps relieve palm paralysis

2. Palm Sliders - can turn a potentially abrasive impact into a harmless soft slide leaving no more than minor scratches to the glove.

3. Knuckle Protectors - With knuckle protection, you’re also more likely to come away on the winning side in the event of unexpected road-rage

4. Gauntlet Style Wrist Protection - Gauntlets offer more protection around the wrist area than short gloves

5. Breathable Layering - breathable gloves with the additional airflow will give you a cooler ride

6. Double-stitching And Multiple Layering - for durable use and provide more protection for your hands

7. Two Fingers Touchscreen - easy to control the GPS and navigation without take-off gloves any more


Elasticated fiber

Protective shell at knuckle area

Additional airflow breathable layer

Thin, good grip and sense of touch

kemimoto not only selling goods, but also selling good. Order it with confidence and present the BEST gift for your family or friend