RZR Lower Door Panel Inserts Driver's and Passenger's Side 60" Aluminum



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60" Aluminum Driver's and Passenger's Side Lower Door Inserts

Adds protection and style to your RZR.

This version has a fold over hemmed edge for greater strength and rigidity and a more finished look.

Lower Door Insert Panels has a slightly-matte black coating to match the stock look and do a great job at keeping the mud and water out when you are playing around in the yuk.


1. Remove 2 Torx Bolts - Yellow point

2. Clip Nut Inserts to middle- Blue point

3. Install Door Insert

4. Install Rubber Trim Strip

5. Loosen Torx Bolts at Hinges to Adjust Angle

6. Four Allen Bolts Attach small Panel Clips to small Triangles, Clip in Place, Remove Cage Bolt and Re-install to Hold Panel.

Note: Kit will come with 4 Aluminum Triangles, Discard the two that don’t fit.

You can also search online for more details, there are many similar installation videos online.