Polaris Ranger/ Sportsman ACE/ RZR LED Headlight


SKU: B0801-01501BK

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Anti-static bag

Product size


LED light beads: 12pcs
Model: 881
Light source: authentic Korean imports of LG2016 light source (similar in appearance to ZES, can do ZES selling point push)
Aluminum parts: 6063 heat dissipation profile aluminum, in addition to the addition of fine sand texture of the oxidation effect
Circuit board: PCB circuit board
Input voltage: 12V/24V
Applicable models: All
Product color temperature: 5500K (warm white light) ~ 6000k
Life:60000 hours
Working environment:-40℃~105℃
Working noise:≤10DBA
Waterproof rating: IP67
Input power: rated 14 W Luminous flux: 800 LM
(Single lamp measured: 12.02V/0.26A/3.125W)


Strong light-gathering, high penetrating power, actual power than the market style high