Universal Manual Oil Transmission pump (6L) For UTV Car Boat Gardening


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Product Contents

1. Oil Can x1
2. Plug x1
3. Oil Can Cover-1 x1
4. Oil Extractor x1
5. Oil Pour Spout x1
6. Handle x1
7. Oil Can Cover-2 x1
8- 11. Hoses x4 (2.5mm H/4mm/ 6mm Hose/ 8mm Hose

Step 1:

Thread the handle onto the pump
1. Assemble oil can [1], plug [2], oil extractor [4], handle [6] and cover-2 [7].

Step 2: Choose the size you need:

According to actual situation, choose different specification of hose to pump out the oil. There are four specifications of hoses for your choice. (2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm).

Step 3: Put the hose on

Install black rubber plug of hose to the cover-2 [7], put the other end of hose into engine, then use handle [6] to pump out the oil. Remember to warm up the oil before extracting.

Step 4: Easy to pump

You need to manually operate

the handle [6] every 10-15 seconds.

Step 5: Use the oil pour spout

After pumping out all the oil, remove cover-2 [7] and hose, then install oil pour spout [5].

Step 6: Pour the oil out

Now you can pour the oil out from the oil can easily [1].

Step 7: Store the oil pump

Seal the oil can [1] with cover-1 [3] and put it into the box when it is not in use.