Motorcycle Air Cushion Cruiser Seat


SKU: F1103-00201BK

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1、Pressure-relieving: Built-in pressure relieves the pressure point of the tailbone, scrotum, and prostate function.
2、Comfortable and Safe: It can prevent long-term pressure damage and ensure comfort and safety.
3、Practical for Use: The front of the DS pad is also tapered to reduce unnecessary pressure on the front leg channel and relieve the vibration of the road surface and hip pressure.
4、Widely Applicable: Motorcycle universal type, suitable for common streetcars and sports cars.
5、Unique Inflatable Design: Built-in air cushion can be filled with air by our equipped pump to achieve shock absorption and ensure comfort.
6、Made of polyurethane with a breathable, stretchable outer cover and a non-slip polyurethane base to protect your seat.


Material: polyester fiber (3D mesh cloth) TPU (airbag)
L Size: about 30*31cm/12.6*12.6in

Color: black
Applicable models: Suitable for most street cars and sports cars.


Universal for motorcycle
For Touring Adventure Cruiser Street bike
For Honda CBR600 CG
For Kawasaki ninja400 Z800 Z650 Z750 Z900 Versys 650
For BMW R1200GS F800GS R1200RT
For Suzuki GSR750
For Benelli BJ600
For KTM 390
For Honda Magna vfr1200f Goldwing DCT Trike
For BMW K1200Gt K1600GTL R1200RT
For Can-Am Ryker Rally
For Road Glide Victory Spyder F3 Limited HD Street Glide
For Versys 650
For Suzuki Burgman 650
For Yamaha FJ-09 VStar 1300 Deluxe vStar 950 cruiser
For Suzuki Bergman 400 K7
For Max scooter
For Vespa
For Scooter


1. Turn the buffer valve counterclockwise to open.
2. Inflate with a pump air cushion until the air cushion is full of air
3. Turn the valve clockwise to close
4. Place the air cushion on the motorcycle with the air cushion facing up. Sit in the seat in a normal sitting position. Put your feet on the hooks.
5. Adjust the air by opening the fill valve and releasing air until you sink down into the cushion. Close fill valve. Ideal inflation is about 1/2 inch off the seat. If you bottom out on the base of the seat, add more air through the fill valve and adjust again. Do not overinflate. This product works most effectively with a minimal amount of air.
6. Turn the valve clockwise to close. You can check that you have not let all the air out of the cushion by slowly leaning your body (not necessarily your bike) from side to side. You should be able to feel the air transferring beneath you slightly. If too much air is transferring beneath you, let more air out of the cushion.

Packing List:

Cloth cover*1