Motorcycle Side Rear View Harley Mirrors with LED Turn Signals


SKU: F1804-01001BK

The lights of this Harley mirror are designed as LED Flow Lights. When you switch on your turn signal button, they will sparkle from the bottom of the light bar to the top, and they will keep doing this before you switch them off. Also, some drivers, they may prefer the light always on, and they could use different wiring methods to achieve the goal.


Used as Turn Signals: This motorcycle Harley mirrors with LED lights are designed to match the function of original turn signals, so they can be used as one of the parts of the turn signal system. The light on the mirrors will not work when you are going to stop your motorcycles. However, the mirrors' lights will absolutely brighten your driving when they install on your motorcycles.

Convenient Installation: There are not too many accessories on the package you received, only 1 pair of motorcycle mirrors with turn signals. They can be assembled easily and mounted on your motorcycles conveniently. Also, the related long-stem design will bring the mirror more outward and drivers' shoulders will have less chance to block the mirror.

Sturdily and 360° Adjustable: Solid nuts. spacers, gaskets, and bolts will keep you being mounted on your motorcycle sturdily. A rugged road will never shake the mirror and affect you to see the view behind you. 360-degree adjustable design on the mirror will fit drivers with different figures and sizes, allowing them to put the mirror on the most comfortable angle as needed.

Notice: The threads of these Harley mirrors are M8, not the 5/16 24 UNF, so if you need to install the turn signal light on the mirrors, they will not fit. If there is anything concern about the motorcycle side mirror with turn signal, please consult us immediately.


  •  Item Weight:1.63 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:‎10.51 x 4.57 x 3.11 inches
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
  • Shape: Round