Polaris RZR PRO/ XP4 Front A-Arm Guards


SKU: B0201-00501BK

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These Polaris RZR PRO/ XP4 Front A-Arm Guards are the perfect addition to your UTV. They protect your A-arms and CV boots from damage caused by logs, rocks, stumps, and more. The a-arm guards also allow your UTV or side-by-side vehicle to glide over obstacles without “hanging up”.


HMW(high-molecular-weight polyethylene): It absorbs impacts from off-road obstacles and lets you enjoy aggressive rock sliding.

Good protection: These 1/4” thick Front Arm Guards provide protection to CV boots and helps prevent the joints from sticks and branches.

Durable: This A-arm guard is strong, durable, and has a low coefficient of friction, which means it slides over rocks and obstacles better than most other materials so you keep rolling.