Polaris Ranger Side Mirrors for Pro-Fit Cage


SKU: B0106-06201BK

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The convex design of the side mirrors can provide you with a broader and clearer vision during driving, meet your demand to notice the surrounding conditions at any time, ensuring your driving safety.


Shatter-Proof Glass: The UTV side mirrors adapt the shatter-proof design. while hitting obstacles on the rough terrain, the glass will break without pieces splashing and hurting people, which is much safer in use.

Fits Windshield and Half Door: The durable clamps mounting brackets design of the UTV side mirrors has no effect on the windshield installation and half-door construction of your vehicle, which perfectly complies with the combination of practicality and stylish appearance.

Breakaway: With the breakaway design, fold back when you park and break away while hitting branches to avoid damage.


  • One pair of UTV side view mirrors
  • All the accessories
  • Detailed instructions