Honda Pioneer SXS 1000 Rubber Bed Mat Liner TPE M5-5 Seater 2016-2019



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  • 【Material】 - Durable TPE rubber material, chemical and stain resistant,won't fade or tear.
  • 【Extra Lip】 - Unlike the OEM bed mat, this one has a lip around the perimeter (except the very rear tailgate area) to prevent debris from sliding under the mat and getting into the rear seat mechanisms on the Honda 1000-5 rear seats.
  • 【Function】 - Keeps the rear seat mechanisms protected while also keeping the seats themselves clean away from dirt, mud, snow, debris & moisture.
  • 【Features】 - Easily remove for a quick cleaning. Just lift out the mat and dump out or spray clean.
  • 【Fitment】 - This UTV Rubber Bed Mat Liner compatible with HONDA PIONEER 2016-2020 SXS 1000 M5.

KEMIMOTO Rubber Bed Mat Liner is a way to keep any dirt, rocks, tree trimmings, etc from falling in the cracks in the bed floor of Pioneer 1000-5. Easiest accessory install ever, just drop it in and you are good to go.
It can keep the rear seat mechanisms protected while also keeping the seats themselves clean.
So you can keep using the rear doors with this liner in place as you use them frequently, even with the seats folded down.
Fitment: HONDA PIONEER 2016-2019 SXS 1000 M5.

Extra Lip

There is a 2" lip turned up on all sides which are formed in a way to tightly seal around the sides of the Pioneer's bed to ensure that nothing gets underneath. This bed liner mat is a must-have for the Pioneer owners.






Unique Texture Design

Digitized computer modeling of Honda Pioneer floor plan accounts for every groove and crevice for a perfect fit absolutely no cutting or trimming required.





Suitable for All Weather

Durable TPE rubber material, chemical, and stain-resistant,won't fade or tear. This TPE rear cargo bed liner mat allows you not to worry about scuffing up the bottom of the bed with sharp objects like rocks or shovels.