Turn Signal Kit With Column Turn Switch & 105D Horn fit Polaris, Can-Am, Pioneer, Talon,


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SKU: B0401-00602BK

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  • Legal on the road: What accessories do you need when you want your vehicle to be road legally? Essential among them are turn signals and horns, which help you legally get a step closer to the street. Warm Tips: State and local laws are different from street legal UTV. Check your local laws before driving on the road. 
  • Retro Turn Signal Switch: This early universal street rod project turn signal switch is die-cast and nicely chrome-plated. It simply clamps onto the steering column with no drilling or cutting necessary.
  • Upgraded wire harness length: The 215-inch Kemimoto turn signal kit is perfect for both 2-seater and 4-seater vehicles. This side-by-side accessories UTV turn signal kit can accommodate the whole vehicle up to 150 inches long. Color lines are marked on the corresponding installation location to improve your installation efficiency.
  • Amber LED Light:  Amber stands for warning and caution. Amber light is the most penetrating light in the spectrum and can be seen from a long distance in rainy and foggy weather. Amber light can make it easier for vehicles behind to notice your vehicle and create vigilance, thus improving safety awareness.
  • 80-105D Horn: UTV street legal kit with horn works great beep-beep. 105D horn alerts nearby vehicles and pedestrians without alarming them suddenly. As long as you press the button, the horn honks, but the minute you let go stops.

Advantages of safety relays
1.For safety reasons, the relay will make a ticking sound.
2. Keep the voltage and current at both ends of the horn stable.
3. Make the power of the wire harness lower and more secure.

Combination Switch
The harness should be able to connect to the position where the combination switch, horn and turn signal lights are installed.

Horn Short Hoot
Gently touch the button Long Hoot: Hard press the button