UTV Winch Cable Hook Stop Stopper Rubber Cushion

Condition 100% Brand New
Fits UTV
Material rubber
Color Black


Reasons to purchase a Split Cable Hook Stopper:

1-Cross section alloy steel

Stops the hook from getting jammed into the roller,prevent against the stopper easy to ripped off when tightened winch

2-Piece solid rubber design

You can easily and quickly attach it to the winch cable without removing and replacing the cable hook which in itself can be a project,since the stopper is two halves bolted together(1 piece ones are very difficult to slide over the eyelet onto the cable)

11 Oz-Heavy duty

Winch Stopper come with 4 rust-proof screws,nuts and washers,the ATV winch cable hook stopper is a good option for synthetic cable, wire rope and or the slot fairlead, easier to install and does a good job stopping any fraying

Winch necessity

This stopper will makes keeping the line tight, and wound up properly on the spool, it can be uesd on most of winch as long as the cable fits in the groove, it should depending how large the opening is in the fairlead and if your cable is 3/8 or less



  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Cross section alloy steel
  • Piece solid rubber design

Installation Notes:

Attached with a small, portable, flexible Allen wrench for easy installation

Please wear leather gloves for installation

1. Free spool winch and pull out the approx. 2 feet of cable

2. Loosen the crochet and pull the clip from the winch

3. Connect the two halves of the split-up together, place the cable or rope in two halves and insert four bolts to tighten them

4. Connect the hook to the end of the cable. To stow hook, engage clutch and retract cable on winch spool until hook is snug against the hook stopper and fairlead

5. Position hook stopper at approx. 3/4 of the total line distance towards hook while using you winch


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