X3 Overhead Roof Storage Bag Fit Can Am Maverick X3 Max RS DS Turbo R #715004275


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Kemimoto x3 overhead bag is made of 1680D nylon fabric that is anti-scratch, water repellent and high load bearing, it is designed with several small bags, which allows you to store your tools, phone, key, etc. separately.
And kemimoto maverick x3 overhead bag is easy to be installed and disassembled with the straps, if there are something you need to take with you, you can even take kemimoto x3 roof bag away by the handle. Kemimoto maverick x3 roof bag is not only a roof bag!

PVC Edge
Kemimoto overhead storage bag for x3 is designed with pvc edge, it can effectively prevent water from entering the bag. Besides, the high quality 1680D nylon material is water repellent, so it can keep things dry and clean in the bag without worrires.

Rustproof Zippers
There are rustproof reverse zippers on the overhead storage bag for maverick x3, it can stop sand, leaves, dirt from getting into the storage bag, and protect your things from slipping or dropping off.

Strong Strap
You only need to mount it around the bars with wide sticky strap, and then fits tight to secure. Bottom of the bag has been reinforced to prevent sagging under the weight of any heavy items you may need to store, like water bottles.

Kemimoto X3 Overhead Storage Bag

Kemimoto maverick x3 overhead storage bag will make a smart use of your overhead space and increase your vehicle’s cargo capacity by 2.6 Gal (10 L), it's with large capacity for you to place clothes, towels, cvt drive belts, tools and so on.
 It should be infromed that there is an inner bag that you can put your phone or key.

 Replace OEM part # 715004275.