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The Polaris General 4 1000 is the perfect combination of utility and fun. It combines the workhorse of the Ranger and the performance to build you the ultimate side-by-side. Shop our wide assortment of Kemimoto General 4 1000 accessories like mirrors, A-arms, winches, etc. Read more
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The universal heating kit customized by Polaris Ranger can keep warm in any weather conditions. There are 2 defrosting vents in the heating kit to keep the windows clean. There are 4 vents facing passengers directly and 2 floor vents. The system in the heating kit directly absorbs heat from the engine coolant, so that the system can provide stable and reliable heating.

Yes, HVAC system installed in the vehicle can provide rapid heating and cooling functions, so that the rider can maintain driving comfort and enjoy a quiet ride. The Pro Shield cab system will prevent water and dust from entering.

The running in period of a new car is 25 hours, which is about the time required for the first two full fills of gas and fuel. It is true that any of your sports is not as important as an appropriate running in period.

Even in the fierce driving situation, each Polaris General model can drive more than 100 miles. This lasting mileage will bring you a lot of fun and value.

If you want to use Polaris General as a snow plow, this is also a good choice. Buy the corresponding pear snow bear for your Polaris General 1000, and you will be very satisfied with the efficiency of your pear snow.

Polaris General 4 1000 Accessories