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The Can-Am Renegade is a premier ATV designed to conquer both muddy terrains and rugged trails. Whether you're an ATV racing enthusiast or simply love the effortless thrill of four-wheel riding, we have the Can-Am Renegade aftermarket accessories tailored to suit your requirements. Outfitted with practical gear like a windshield, a trunk box, and a cooler...
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The Can-Am Renegade is primarily designed for sport riding, rather than utility-based functions. However, due to the formidable power it packs, it's not uncommon to see owners utilizing their Can-Am Renegade ATVs for an assortment of tasks or chores.

The Rotax 650 engine will continue to power the 2023 Outlander 6x6 and Renegade models. The lineup has undergone changes, with the Renegade 570 and 850 models being phased out. In their place, a Renegade 650 model has been introduced, currently available in only a base trim.

At 91 hp, Renegade 1000R models are the most powerful ATVs on the market, ready to attack any terrain.

You can always check out the Can Am Renegade accessories section on our website, which details the accessories and which model they’re compatible with. In addition, you can always ccontact our team of customer support experts if you have any questions regarding compatibility; they'll be happy to help.