ATV bag for front / rear rack


SKU: BZH0225-02

  • LARGER STORAGE CAPACITY: Kemimoto ATV storage bags with 73L maximum storage capacity integrate multiple storage in one. Elastic self-fastening straps upon the cover are adjustable for storing long items and make them easy to be picked up. Multi mesh pocket design inside the ATV bag meets the need of storing different sizes of personal items, such as sunglasses, keys, etc. 
  • ADDITIONAL COOLER FOR EXTRA STORAGE: An additional cooler with aluminum foil can keep your food or beverage cool in summer and keep them warm in winter for a few hours, offering multi-purpose storage for your journey. The maximum capacity of the cooler bag is 12L and The cooler bags are only used to keep frozen beverages and food cool and not put ice inside directly.
  • UPGRADED WATER-RESISTANT FABRIC & ZIPPER DESIGN: Kemimoto ATV cargo bag used with PVC water-resistant material helps no one drop of water, dust, or mud get inside, which effectively reduce the burden of cleaning after the journey and ensures your supplies inside clean and dry. Upgraded zipper with cover makes the protection more comprehensive.
  • DRIVING SAFER AT NIGHT: Kemimoto ATV rear storage bag with reflective strips design better helps others notice the object in poor light conditions, reducing accidents and improving safety.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Kemimoto ATV gear bag with various quick-release tie-down straps helps the bag easily to attached on ATV front or rear racks, or UTV cargo bed. Multiple nodes on the bag aim to ensure the 4 wheeler bag is tightened firm and stable, coping with rough terrain easily.

Internal Supporting Boards Design

keep the ATV cargo bag shaped, preventing the four wheeler gear bag from being deformed by over storage or jolting on the rough terrain.

Mesh Pockets for Various Personal Items

Help store multiple sizes and different varieties of personal items tidy, making it easy to be found and picked up as needed.

Elastic Rope Design for Long Items Storing

Elastic ropes on top of the ATV rear bag are adjustable with a self-fastening node and designed for storage of multiple shape long and large items, making it easy to be fastened and picked up.

What you should know about Upgraded Waterproof Zippers?

1. SBS waterproof zipper with strong airtightness needs you to clean the dust and dirt inside daily to effectively avoid the interference of opening the zipper.
2. If your ATV seat bag is often used in a humid environment, lubricant will be a good method to maintain the normal usage of the SBS waterproof zipper, effectively protecting it from rust and extending the service life.
3. Opening the full-protective cover will help you use the zipper much easily without jam.