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Designed for adventure, the Can-Am Commander is a formidable machine. To make the most of your Commander, Kemimoto offers a range of aftermarket accessories, including mirrors, roofs, windshields, and doors. Read more
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10 Best Accessories For Can-Am Commander!

Kemimoto has the 10 best Can-Am Commander accessories like mirrors, LED lights, fender flares, and gear racks that enhance any adventure. Accessorize these innovative and easy-to-install gear, you can enjoy more safety and comfort on the trail.

How to Change A Belt On A Can-Am Commander-10 Easy Steps

See how to quickly change a belt on a Can-Am Commander by yourself with these easy 10 steps. Read on and explore the easy and essential Kemimoto step-by-step tutorial to avoid unexpected breakdowns and get the best result from your Can-Am Commander drive belt!

Can-Am Commander Vs. Polaris General: Which is better?

Looking for the ride of your life, go for the Polaris General. However, if you plan on sticking to easier trails and can insulate your cab panels to get rid of that annoying heat and noise, the Can-Am Commander might be the better choice. Continue reading and view more details!

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