Designed for adventure, the Can-Am Commander is a formidable machine. To make the most of your Commander, Kemimoto offers a range of aftermarket accessories, including mirrors, roofs, windshields, and doors. Read more
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3FT Black Limited LED Whip Light with RF Remote Control 2pcs
7Pin Winch Rocker Switches For Polaris, Can-Am
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UTV Storage Sun Rain UV Cover for Polaris Ranger RZR XP 1000
$49.99 Sale price Regular price $69.99
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UTV Universal Horn Kit with Rocker Switch 12V
$39.99 Sale price Regular price $49.99
Roll Cage Helmet Hook for 1.6"-2" Roll Bar
20% OFF
1.5-2inch Rearview Mirror for Polaris RZR/Pioneer/Talon/ X3/ CFMOTO/Kawasaki
$39.99 Sale price Regular price $49.99
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Universal LED License Plate Bracket Kit Fit Can-Am, Polaris
$39.99 Sale price Regular price $45.99
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4-6 Seats Waterproof Cover For Polaris/ Can Am
$69.99 Sale price Regular price $79.99
UTV Grab Handles Grip (2 Pack )
33% OFF
Rear View Mirror for 1.75"-2" Roll Bar
$19.99 Sale price Regular price $29.99
Rear View Mirror for Polaris Ranger/Can-Am Defender 2015-2023
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Universal UTV Roll Cage Organizer for Polaris Ranger RZR/ Pioneer Talon
from $49.99 Sale price Regular price $69.99
UTV Universal Turn Signal Kit
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15" UTV Race Convex Center Mirror with 3/4 1.75" or 2" Clamps
$23.99 Sale price Regular price $35.99
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2pcs 5FT UTV Spiral Whip Light with RF Remote Control
$129.99 Sale price Regular price $139.99
Universal Phone Holder for 0.6-1.25"/1.5-1.75" Roll Bar
Roll Bar Grab Handle with Dome Light For Maverick X3, RZR, Kawasaki
33% OFF
1.6"-2" RGB LED Rear View Center Mirror with Bluetooth
$79.99 Sale price Regular price $119.99
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5Pin UTV ATV Rocker Switch
$23.99 Sale price Regular price $27.99
Universal 6.5" Speaker Cage Swivel Pods with 1.75 to 2" Mounting Clamps
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UTV Shotgun Holder Fit 1.75” 2” Roll Bars Ski Rack Bow Rack (2 pieces)
from $39.99 Sale price Regular price $59.99
UTV Seat Belt Bypass(2 PCS)
12V 140A Dual Battery Waterproof Voltage Sensitive Relay
17% OFF
UTV Shock Tower LED Light Bar For Can-Am/ Polaris/ Kawasaki
$49.99 Sale price Regular price $59.99

Learn more about Can-Am Commander

The cost of a Can-Am Commander will depend on the specific model and year of production, as well as any additional features or options that are included. In general, the base price of a Can-Am Commander can range from around $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the model. However, the final price of the vehicle will also depend on any taxes, fees, and other charges that may be applied, as well as any financing or other payment options that are used. It is always a good idea to carefully research and compare the prices of different models and features to determine the best value for your money.

DPS stands for Dynamic Power Steering, which is a feature available on some models of the Can-Am Commander. DPS is an electronic power steering system that helps to make steering the vehicle easier and more comfortable, especially at lower speeds. It uses sensors to detect the amount of steering input and the speed of the vehicle, and it adjusts the amount of assistance provided to the steering system accordingly. DPS can make it easier to maneuver the vehicle, especially in tight spaces or over rough terrain, and it can reduce fatigue on long rides.

Put them side by side, and the General is the winner by a small margin. It packs in more power, higher ground clearance, more suspension travel, and a longer wheelbase on a shorter frame. You also have to pay attention to the front differentials of each of these machines. Of course, the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It might be helpful to test drive both vehicles and see which one you like better. You can also speak with a sales representative or read online reviews to get more information about the Polaris General and the Can-Am Commander.

The horsepower of a Can-Am Commander will depend on the specific model and year of production. In general, the Can-Am Commander has an engine that produces around 75-100 horsepower. However, it is important to note that the horsepower of an engine can vary based on a number of factors, including the engine size and type, the fuel system, and the tuning of the engine. It is always best to refer to the manufacturer's specifications for the specific horsepower of your vehicle.

Simply put, the Can-Am is the faster of the two vehicles because it performs better at higher speeds than the other vehicle. On the other hand, the Polaris is a true all-terrain vehicle. If you're shopping for a UTV that can travel over any surface, the RZR is your best bet. However, To compare the top speeds of specific Polaris and Can-Am models, you can consult the manufacturer's specifications or speak with a sales representative. It's always a good idea to follow the speed limits and drive safely, regardless of the vehicle you are using.