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The Surron electric bike is gaining immense popularity in the USA. It is a mid-drive bike that offers fast, long-range, and reliable performance, making it suitable for riding anywhere. Designed with precision and crafted with the utmost care, our Sur Ron aftermarket accessories are guaranteed to take your adventures to new heights.
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Depending on the riding mode and throttle usage, Sur-Ron states that the battery can provide a range of 20-60 miles per charge.

The maximum speed of a Sur-Ron electric motorcycle depends on the specific model and various factors. Most Sur-Ron models have a top speed of around 45-70 mph.

Sur-Ron motorcycles come with batteries that have an IP67 rating, allowing you to confidently ride them in wet conditions such as puddles or rain, and they can be washed without any concerns.

You can get a range of Sur Ron accessories from Kemimoto, such as foot pegs, mud guard flap, dirtbike cover, drive belt, rear rack, etc.

Sur Ron Accessories