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Your cross-terrain performance never looked so good with RZR XP 1000/XP 4 1000. What about taking your ride experience to the next level? We provide a full set of accessories, ranging from fang lights, side door bags, windshields, and lower door panels. All we want to do is to upgrade your the adventure.
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Learn more about Polaris RZR XP 1000 Accessories

The RZR XP 4 1000 power is leading this class of machine with the most powerful engine offered in a 4 passenger side x side. With 107 HP it has the fastest acceleration of any UTV side by side. This is a machine that is fast enough to meet as many of your needs as you need.

The answer is yes if you enjoy spending your leisure time on the most difficult terrain, including everything from sand dunes to mountain passes. Any challenge you throw at the RZR will be conquered by it.

When it comes to speed, the CAN-AM engine is significantly faster than the RZR. When you step on the gas, you have to hold on tight and control the beast before you can control it. But from the looks of it, Polaris looks more like a real UTV.

Premium fuel does not for sure give you better performance, it may just cost you more because it's a little expensive. In its consumer notice, the FTC states: "In most cases, there is absolutely no benefit to using gasoline with a higher octane rating than recommended by your owner's manual."

They have two very different chassis. XP has more accessories available. With all due respect, non-XP cases are more like entry level devices and typically cost less. And XP has a more powerul engine than non-XP.