Heavy Duty Carbon Drive Belt For RZR XP 1000/General 1000 / S 1000


The drive belt represents one of the most critical performance links in your Polaris vehicle - the link between the engine and maximum performance.

SKU: B0901-01001BK

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Strong heat dissipation: kemimoto RZR General 1000 XP drive belt is made of high quality chloroprene rubber and aramid string cord for better heat resistance and heat dissipation. Withstand the friction of high-speed operation without melting. Work well in high temperature.
45000N stretch resistance: 45000N tensile strength RZR General carbon drive belt. Keep high compact even in high-speed operation and not easy to loose. Provide you with the performance and durability you need even under the most demanding conditions. Upgrade your UTV.
Durable three-layer-thick: Three-tier design: High temperature resistant High-strength thick rubber, Stretch-resistant aramid yarn. Make the kemimoto drive belt become strong and sturdy. Effectively improve service life.
Precise tooth pitch design: The tooth surface of the RZR General XP drive belt is made of dipped nylon elastic cloth. Precise tooth pitch design, ensure uniform force and effectively Reduced Speed Loss.
Uniform wear: The precise occlusal spacing design can ensure that the rzr 1000 belt is evenly stressed during the transmission. Reduce unilateral wear and extend the life of the drive belt.


1、Break in right and calm down correctly.
2、Increase the speed limit washer to prevent the main clutch from closing too far at high speed, thereby preventing the secondary clutch from opening too far and the belt from falling onto the clutch shaft.
3、Check whether the two clutches are aligned, if not, use a clutch alignment tool to help straighten the clutch.
4、Keeping the clutch clean will help improve performance and avoid clutch and belt wear.
5、Adjust your driving style, and don’t make violent accelerations on surfaces that are subject to a lot (such as sand and dirt).
6、Regularly check whether the vent of the CVT box is inserted.


The most important, break in a new CVT belt will result in a cooler-running belt maximized life and performance.

1、Drive your UTV in two-wheel high for 20 minutes between 25-45 mph (40-72 km/h)in flat terrain, avoiding hard accelerations and hills.
2、Shift the belt through normal operational range by varying your UTV speed and engine RPM. But do not exceed ¾ throttle during break-in. Avoid excessively fast instantaneous speed causing belt slippage.
3、In extremely cold weather, extend the break-in time by 5-10 minutes to make the belt to warm up optimally. After 20 minutes of driving, let the unit cool down for 30 minutes after turning off the engine.
4、Repeat the above thermal cycle steps, turn the unit OFF and allow the belt to cool down again for 30 minutes.

With good rigidity, low elongation, small creep, excellent heat resistance, work well even in high-speed operation.

kemimoto 3211180 RZR drive belt made with aramid fiber cord that handle more than 45000 N of tension without breaking or stretching.

Precise pitch design, perfect fit. Enhance transmission efficiency and maximize your UTV speed.