Can-Am Outlander Drive Belt



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KEMIMOTO Utility aims to provide a high quality of products and excellent services to impress customers and have the enjoyment of the products they want to buy or have bought. Our CVT drive belt has high performance in working in high temperature or extreme conditions after hundreds of experiments. CVT drive belt is made of Chloroprene rubber and Aramid string cords with additional nylon on the surface make the drive belt durable.


Durability:   KEMIMOTO CVT drive belt is made of Chloroprene rubber and Aramid string cords, which are designed for high-temperature resistance and enhance durability. Additional nylon cloth is added to the surface of the belt to make the belt more durable.

Extend the life: the drive belt should be replaced every 50 hours of six months usage or 1000 miles to maintain your machine in an excellent performance. Don’t wait until it is too late to replace the drive belt as it may cost you thousands of dollars in repairing affected or damaged parts of your machine caused by the belts.

Prevent skidding: KEMIMOTO CVT drive belt has a super-powerful bite on its surface and prevents UTVs and ATVs from skidding on the rough road. Besides, accelerating could be smooth which can extent the services life of the belt.

Easy to Instal: Installation of OEM replacement drive belt is easy and only requires 10 minutes only. CVT drive belt works well with UTVs and ATVs such as Commander, Maverick, Outlander, and Renegade.


  • OEM:#422280360, 715000302., 715900030, 715900212, 422280364
  • Package Dimensions:16.06 x 6.06 x 1.54 inches