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Why go ice fishing

Why go ice fishing?

Why would people risk sitting on the frozen lake for hours in freezing weather, enduring cold wind, and staring at a hole in a lake’s surface without moving? Why is this sport captivating? The above scene seems like something other than what sensible people would do. Are these people insane?

In fact, ice fishing has emerged as an important way of living since its origin. The first record of ice fishing discovered by archaeologists can be traced back more than 2,000 years. At that time, people carried out this sport mainly for survival because the aborigines caught fish on the ice in winter, which made fish their primary food source. However, the way of ice fishing back then was different. Our ancestors used spears with thorns to pierce holes in the middle of the lake to catch fish.

In the modern era, we no longer need to worry about survival. Yet, people still engage in this sport because it may be one of the most exciting sports you have ever tried. Under the frosty weather, people either stay indoors and complain about the low temperature or go out to enjoy the cold wind. Ice fishing is an exceptional choice to embrace the winter. If you choose the latter, once you have overcome the fear of cold, you will find utterly different entertainment in frozen lakes compared to summer.

Ice fishing is very different from conventional fishing. It requires entirely different methods, equipment, and clothing. The equipment will enable you to gain more satisfaction in this sport. Many ice fish, such as tiger eye fish, undergo winter rest in freezing weather. This is the best opportunity to catch them because it is almost impossible to see such fish in summer.

In addition, there is another advantage of ice fishing: building friendships. Nothing is more enjoyable on a winter day than catching fish on the ice with like-minded fellows, having fun, cooking sausages and burgers, drinking beer, and sharing your stories with everyone. These activities can be done on land but hardly on a boat.

Why go ice fishing