Polaris RZR PRO XP 2020 Aluminum Black Hard Roof Top

$269.99 $329.99

SKU: B0112-00801BK

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KEMIMOTO Aluminum Roof is a great addition to your 2020 RZR PRO XP.


Easy Installation: Easy installation, just put it on, line it up with the existing hole, then tighten the bolts.
Useful for All Seasons: The RZR aluminum top is universal for all seasons, whether it is rainy, snowy, or sunny, it will keep your vehicle dry and clean for a long time.

Windshield Compatible: Our roof won't get in the way of your windshield, it can provide excellent downhill visibility and ultimate protection for you and your passengers.

Front Visor: The 2020 RZR aluminum roof protects you and your passengers from the sun and can keep you safe from Mother Nature's harsh environment.