3.5" Door Latches Extender 1 Pair Anti-rust for Increasing Air Circulation For 2014-2022 RZR


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ANTI-RUST DESIGN: RZR door opener, made of solid Q235 material, strong and durable, will not deform or break. Paint the surface to prevent rust. It is also used as a corkscrew.

3.5" DOOR AIR CIRCULATION: RZR door latches connect the door and the cab firmly, increase air circulation in the vehicle, make the doors be exactly at the fender flares width. RZR door latches cool the cab down very nicely.

INSTALL IN A FEW SECONDS: Hook the hook of UTV door latches to the cab. Click the hole of the door latches into the vehicle door latches. Quickly complete the installation without tool.

Note: You may need to purchase two sets of RZR door latches for the front and rear doors of your 2014+ RZR models.