KEMIMOTO UTV Cover RZR Storage Cover Protect Your SxS Vehicle from Rain, Snow, Dirt, Debris and Damaging UV Rays-Reflective Strip for Increased Visibility

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Why you need UTV cover?

Weather Protection
The first reason people purchase a cover for their vehicle is to protect it from the weather. The sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on a car! They can damage a paint job and cause rubber trim to crack as well as cause damage to the interior.

Animal Protection
Have you ever walked outside to see bird droppings on your newly washed car ?
By putting a cover on your UTV, you can deter animals from making themselves at home there and keep your UTV clean.

Leaves/ Dust Protection
Leaves and dust will cover your UTV, hide its shinning skins, which will make it look old.
Nothing is more frustrating than having to clean your machine every time you use it. With this cover your UTV will always be pristine.

Elastic Band with Quick Release Cord
Heavy enough it won't blow way in strong winds, also thanks to the elastic band around the bottom that secures the cover to your machine.
Quick release cord, simply remove the cover, jump on, and go!

Reflective Strip- High Visibility
The reflective strips usually sewn on safety garment, such as safety vest,reflective jacket, safety work wear, bags and tents. It can helps the eye perceive objects in poor light conditions when illuminated by a light source.
We use it on our UTV cover, then you can find your vehicle easily at night and people will bypass your vehicle, avoid scratch or accident.

Water Repellent
Heavy duty 210D Oxford WATERPROOF MATERIAL is just what the serious UTV owner wants.