Side Mirrors Aluminum For Can Am Defender(OE Replace #715002459)


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Kemimoto Defender side convex mirrors have a wider field as compared to a plane mirror. It has a ball joint design, which can be adjusted flexibly.


Material: Defender UTV mirrors are made of heavy-duty aluminum construction owned the specification of rugged durability, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, which is great for all weather conditions.

Flexible Adjustment: Kemimoto Defender side mirrors are designed with ball-joint to have multi-angle adjustment so that you can see clearly what's behind you.

Steady: After mounting this Kemimoto side mirror, it will stay in place even on rough and harsh trails.

Handy to install: Even you have installed the roof or windshield, you can equip this side mirror for Defender vehicle by aligning the factory hole and tighjten the screws to finish the installation. Importantly, we offer Lifetime Service for easy maintenance with no worries.