3 tips for choosing UTV

Because of its super-terrain adaptability, UTV is free to gallop in the wild, and is favored by more and more field enthusiasts. Utvbrand, is also more and more, how to choose a suitable for their own and excellent UTV, it is necessary to carefully judge on several aspects.


Say the important thing three times. A good utvfirst to see its engine, good stability, security can be free to gallop. The parameters of displacement, compression ratio, maximum power, maximum torque and fuel mode should be carefully viewed. The fuller the fuel, the more fuel-efficient you will be. The advantage of conventional electric spray is that it reduces the production of carbon, while direct injection of the cylinder can be better atomized and more efficient, both of which have their own strengths. And electronic fuel injection combustion will be more adequate, thereby increasing power, reducing fuel consumption, and achieving low pollution emissions.


Brake system

The ability to brake effectively is the most important part of ensuring driving safety. UTV generally have two types of brakes: drum brakes and disc brakes. The advantage of the drum brake is that the structure is simple, and economical, and it can also provide a powerful braking force. The disadvantage is that a large amount of heat generated during the braking process is not easily dissipated quickly. The disc brake production cost is high, but the disc brake has fast heat dissipation, light weight, quick braking, convenient adjustment, stable braking effect and less influence by the external environment.


Off-road capability

Since it is an all-terrain vehicle, outdoor adaptability, had to look. General all-terrain vehicles to grasslands, deserts, swamps, river beaches, snow, etc. have a strong ability to pass. Then it depends on it, tires, minimum ground clearance, climbing slope and so on. Tires with good wear resistance and strong grip are more suitable for driving in the wild. Higher minimum ground clearance and larger climbing slopes are more powerful to handle complex terrain.


Sums up,pay attention to the selection of these three large parts when choosing UTV products.