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New River Gorge OHV Trail Indian Ridge - Hatfield McCoy RouteRock House OHV TrailHatfield and McCoy OHV Trail SystemBear Wallow OHV Trail
Pinnacle Creek OHV TrailBear Wallow and Hatfield OHV Trail Buffalo Mountain and Hatfield McCoy OHV TrailDevil AnseCabwaylingo State Forest

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Nestled in the tree-covered Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia is a natural destination for UTV riding. Off-roading in West Virginia is a very popular pastime, and it's a great way to get out with the family year-round. And it's your next destination.

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Top Off-road TrailsDifficultyLength (Miles)Elevation Gain(Ft)Route Type Conditions
1. New River Gorge OHV Route Moderate12.61131Point to PointForest River Wildflowers Wildlife Bugs Muddy Rocky
2. Indian Ridge - Hatfield McCoy TrailsModerate14.31633LoopBird watching Views Wildflowers Wildlife Blowdown Rocky
3. Rock House OHV TrailModerate49.49498Point to PointForest River Views Wildlife Rocky Scramble
4. Hatfield and McCoy OHV Trail SystemHard139.826062Point to PointForest River Views Wildlife Rocky Scramble
5. Bear Wallow OHV TrailModerate25.44881LoopForest Views Wildlife Rocky Scramble
6. Pinnacle Creek OHV TrailEasy9.71433Point to PointForest Views Rocks Packed dirt
7. Bear Wallow and Hatfield OHV TrailModerate43.37598LoopRest Views Wildlife Rocky Scramble
8. Buffalo Mountain and Hatfield McCoy OHV TrailModerate64.78431Out & BackForest River Views Wildlife Muddy Rocky Scramble
9. Devil AnseEasy300890-1450LoopRocks Forest
10. Cabwaylingo State ForestEasy100720-1020Loops & Points to PointsWildlife Little mud and rocks

10 Popular West Virginia Off-road Trails

1. New River Gorge OHV Trail

It's a 12.6-mile trail near Prince, West Virginia. It's regarded as a moderately challenging trail. This is a popular off-road driving trail, but you can enjoy quieter hours of the day. In this trail, you can view many beautiful overlooks down onto the New River and several challenging places along the way. Be cautious because some places are only wide enough for 1 vehicle.

Best time to visit: September-October

2. Indian Ridge - Hatfield McCoy Route

Near Newthfork, West Virginia, the trail is 14.3 miles. Known as a moderately challenging route. The trail is great for birding and camping. It’s probably you might encounter many other people when exploring. Dogs are welcome and they can be off-leash in some places.

Best time to visit: March- November

3. Rock House OHV Trail

Rock House Trail is a point-to-point trail near Gilbert in 49.4 miles. It is usually regarded as a moderately challenging trail. This trail is great for off-road driving, and you'll not encounter many other people while venturing.

Best time to visit: April -November

4. Hatfield and McCoy OHV Trail System

Explore this 139.8-mile trail near North Spring. It's a challenging trail great for off-road driving. And it's unlikely you'll encounter many other people while riding.

The trails are in good shape and well-maintained. You can ride over to the Hatfield Cemetery for a quick visit.

Best time to visit: September -November

5. Bear Wallow OHV Trail

A 25.4-mile loop venture route near Ethel. It's a moderately challenging trail. This trail is great for off-road driving, and it's unlikely you'll meet many other people when riding. From very easy to hard levels, all trails are very well. You'll have tons of fun on the trails.

Best time to visit: April-October

6. Pinnacle Creek OHV Trail

Check out this 9.7-mile point-to-point trail near Herndon, West Virginia. It’s a hard route. And it is a popular route for off-road driving. Started from the ATV/UTV-friendly town of Mullens and road on a state road for 3 miles to trails, part of the Hatfield McCoy system, just north of Tralee.

Ride trails 11 and 26 to Pinnacle Creek and parking by the creek and make a fire. Roughly a 20-mile round trip - all easy trails but require some experience. People in town and on trails are super nice!

Best time to visit: Fall and Winter

7. Bear Wallow and Hatfield OHV Trail

Explore the 43.3-mile trail near Ethel, West Virginia. Usually considered a moderately challenging route. This trail is awesome for off-road. When exploring the trail, respect your machine and others as we all want to come home safe to our family and friends!

Best time to visit: Spring and Fall

8. Buffalo Mountain and Hatfield McCoy OHV Trail

Experience the 64.7-mile route near Williamson, West Virginia. Generally regarded as a moderately challenging trail. The trail is an absolute blast on the side-by-side. And riding the main roads and back to camp is the best!

Best time to visit: All year round

9.Devil Anse

Location: Mc Coy Alley, Matewan, WV 25678

Dates Open: Year-Round

Fees: Non-Residents - $50/rider. If purchased online add $4.50/shipping and handling.

This trail require the Hatfield-McCoy Permit. The place owns 300 miles of trail. Mostly the terrain are hard pack and rock.

10. Cabwaylingo State Forest

Location: Tick Ridge Access Road, Wilsondale, WV 25699

Dates Open: Year-Round

Fees: Non-Residents - $50/rider. If purchased online add $4.50/shipping and handling.

This forest is about 8300 acres with a 100 miles of trail. The elevation change here is not huge, so it’s friendly to beginners.


1. Can you drive Jeeps on Hatfield McCoy trails?

Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is a big off-road heaven in Southern West Virginia. And you can drive Jeeps on Bearwallow. When riding, no alcoholic beverages, and drive at a speed reasonable for the conditions. Camping and gun are not allowed as well.

2. Which off-road driving trail features the most elevation gain in West Virginia?

The Hatfield and McCoy OHV route system has an elevation gian of 26,062 ft, it has the most elevation gain in the West Virginia. Rock House OHV Trail, with 9,498 ft of elevation gain, is the next highest ascent for off-road driving trails.