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Meadow Mountain Trail SystemSt. John’s Rock ORV Trail
Wicomico Motorsports ParkWolf Den Run State Park

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There are some good reasons to call Maryland home. It has a beautiful setting and is suitable for unparalleled outdoor activities. And here has so many options to ride your ATV.

1.Meadow Mountain Trail System

Location: New Germany Road, Grantsville, MD 21536

Dates Open:  March 16 - Dec 14

Fees: $40/OHV

This trail is about 7000 acres and has a 3 miles of trails. Most of the terrain is hard pack and covered with trees. Trail blazing is prohibited and only can stay on the trail.

2.St. John’s Rock ORV Trail

Location: St Johns Rock Road, Frostburg, MD 21532

Dates Open:  Year-Round

Fees: Free

This large trail is around 54000 acres and has a 13 miles of trail. The elevation is also a challenging as well as the hard pack and rocks are normal seen. It’s a beginner-friendly trail to ride.

3.Wicomico Motorsports Park

Location: 111300 Kingston Place, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

Dates Open: Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-4pm

Fees: $30 children ages 15 and under

This motocross park is about 300 acres, the trail are rugged enough to be challenging. Camping is permitted and all riders are required to wear protection tools.

4.Wolf Den Run State Park

Location:  Hill Road, Kitzmiller, MD 21538

Dates Open: April 1 through October 31: Daily 9am-6pm; November 1 through March 31: Thursday through Monday 9am-4pm.

Fees: out of state - $12/rider

This property has about 40 miles of trails, deep mud pits and several steep hill climb. Reservations are required online or by calling prior.

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